Our Results

Maia has a remarkable ability to help you tap into your inner genius. As you make the Simple Shifts you need to Forge Ahead faster in a way that fits your unique circumstances, you will transform your leadership, unite your team or energize your audience. Here are some of the results our clients have gotten from our work together.

Leadership Coaching: Transform Your Leadership

“Maia has an uncanny ability to pull back the curtain of uncertainty, misunderstandings and assumptions—so you can peer through to the VISION and move forward. Maia coaches you through your experiences and encourages you to see past the obstacles and snags with insightful guidance, significant revelations and present processing. Maia coached me in the achievement of meaningful connect between my mind and passion. Priceless!”

Eva Leos, CMP
Senior Event Coordinator, Fiatech
Chapter President, MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter

 “Maia has truly been an inspiration to me and has helped me explore what’s possible, what I want, and what I can do to realize my goals. I’ve learned how to self-think through lots of different situations and she’s helped me unlock my “tool box” so I can use the tools I have to successfully build my life the way I envision it. Her deep insight, amazing listening skills, and thought-provoking questions have completely transformed the way I think and how I live my life. Thank you so much Maia!”

Zipporah Evania, CLTC, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL, Financial Advisor

 “There are few times in our lives where someone truly “gets” us and knows how to bring us to success. From the minute I heard Maia speak, I knew she was one of those people. I wasn’t looking for a coach to help me run my business. I wanted a leadership coach to help me through the clutter that was holding me back. My sessions with Maia were invaluable and have put me on track to success – personally and professionally. She gave me the push I needed and the tools to put my ideas into action. I recommend her highly to anyone ready to make a change in their life.”

Amy Wong, CEO, DotOrg Solutions

 “I am proud to say that I benefited more than I ever thought I would from leadership coaching. Having gone to my first session with the recommended open mind, I can honestly say that I was converted after just one hour.

 Working with Maia as my coach has certainly exceeded my expectations. I approached her with a business project that I was struggling with. I had been trying to change my business direction, but was limited by lack of time, personal motivation and ideas. Maia’s positive encouraging and result-orientated coaching gave me the guidance I needed to achieve success. Each coaching session was enjoyable and supportive and focused on setting clear workable targets. I whole-heartedly recommend Maia to anyone.”

Robert Bylett, Director, FoodWorks, UK

“Maia Beatty helped me to create my best life ever! I always have strongly believed that personal development is extremely important to success in every area of my life.  Working with Maia has shown me how to get from where I am to where I want to be. The difference lies with my thoughts—which control my actions, which create my results. Using the leadership strategies that I learned from her, now I KNOW I can accomplish anything I focus on. It has been an eye-opening experience and I’m excited about the future and all of the opportunities in front of me!”

Michele Giarrano, Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

“30 minutes with Maia helped me zero in on self-perceptions that have limited me in the past. Let Maia help you!”

Kathy Sidaway, Brokerage Manager, Feigenbaum Agency

“Working with Maia was an uplifting experience to say the least. I always felt like she heard me and allowed me to lead our conversations, she seemed to know what I was thinking. She challenged me in so many great ways. I was going through a difficult business transition during our coaching time and Maia kept saying there are better things ahead, just be patient and go through the process. Was she ever right – thank goodness I listened!

What is different now that I completed my coaching with Maia? I have claimed the power that was already mine!! We all have the power within us, it’s just a matter of being willing to find it. That is what Maia helped me do. I would highly recommend Maia to be your leadership coach—that is, if you want to change your life…”

Allen Miller, Area Director, N2 Publishing

Leadership Coaching: Energize Your Audience

“Maia’s approach to public speaking coaching is wonderful, different from the norm, and incredibly effective. In a surprisingly short amount of time, both in our PowerSpeak class in the DC area and our later phone coaching after I returned home, Maia helped me to get clear on my message, increase my confidence, and ‘power up’ my presence. I’m three times as confident with speaking to groups now than I was before I worked with her.”

Kate Franklin, Director, White & Lime Ltd, UK

“Thank you, Maia, for providing a safe space for us to be vulnerable and open to feedback from complete strangers. Maia, it’s because of your ability to make your students feel safe, supported, and eager to engage in an unfamiliar environment that this PowerSpeak session was such a success. In my lifetime, you are the only person that I have come across that can achieve that! Thank you for everything.”

Twyla Turner, Senior Marketing and Event Specialist, JumpStart, Inc

 “I met Maia in the winter of 2013 when she did a session for my YWCA BootCamp on Communicating with Powerful Presence. I was so impressed with her ability to help us in a large group setting to see how to have authentic and meaningful presence that I signed up for her PowerSpeak course. That course was a small group setting where we learned tools for being an effective and confident speaker. We were given the chance to practice in front of a friendly audience and receive feedback. Both experiences with Maia convinced me that she has a gift for helping people to access the potential that is within them and to translate that into being more confident, powerful and effective.”

Lisa Kious McGovern, Community Development Lender, Key Bank

“Maia has an incredible gift for bringing out the best in you. I worked with her to prepare for my first keynote to a large audience – 400 people. [Although we worked exclusively over the phone from overseas,] Maia’s presence through our 12 hours over 2 weeks of preparing made a huge difference to my confidence, helping me to clarify what I wanted to say and how I could most authentically deliver my message. She gave unconditionally of her time, energy and passion. Best of all, she helped me to actually enjoy the experience of speaking on stage! If you get a chance to work with Maia, take it! You will not look back.“

Elle Harrison, Founder, Wild Courage, London, UK

“Working with Maia, I achieved amazing results that came from very little time together. She is simply AMAZING to see in action. 

I had only heard very positive feedback before taking her PowerSpeak class and now I know why: in just one day of PowerSpeak and two days in Advanced PowerSpeak, I learned more and accomplished more than I had in over 10 years of being certified in Toastmasters. You just have to see her in action to believe it. I encourage you to take her classes or have her as your coach.”

Gina Dalessandro, President, The Dalessandro Group

 “I have had the pleasure of having Maia as my speaking coach. Her insight and coaching skills helped to make my presentations more impactful and powerful. I would highly recommend Maia to anyone who is seeking an experienced coach to help them accomplish their dreams and goals.”

Lisa Ryan, Founder, Grategy, LLC

“As soon as you meet Maia, you can feel her “presence” as a tangible aspect of her. She is confident and powerful and caring. This is her magic gift, her Superpower, if you will—that she is able to deconstruct and demystify a very important aspect of how we influence others, and then teach it so that ANYONE can enjoy the rewards of having a powerful, positive presence in conversations and on stage.”

Jim Smith, PCC, The Executive Happiness Coach

“I had the opportunity to experience Maia’s presence at a recent Cleveland Coach Federation event. She was incredibly engaging, having a wonderful balance of polished professionalism and personal appeal. I found her information on speaking presence to be very applicable as well. I completely enjoyed the experience as a participant!”

Luanne Paynick, Director, Creative Design at VoicePro, Inc.

 “We wanted a very dynamic speaker to present at our 40thAnniversary conference, to address our widely diverse community of employees on the topic of engagement in our mission. Maia delivered exactly what we asked for—and more. She had a powerful impact on us as she kept the 400 of us involved for the entirety of her two-and-a-half-hour program. I’m still hearing positive comments from employees who enjoyed it and who report that they feel so much more appreciated and engaged after the experience.” 

Cathy Zinn, Executive Assistant, Coleman Professional Services

“Maia is the most powerful presenter that I have ever seen! Her stage presence elevates the energy in any room she is in. Her audience adores her. This is a professional who knows how to engage, impact, and take her audience on a ride that causes life changing behavior and thinking to occur. Talent like this is very rare!”

Lisa Newberger, Owner, Discuss Directives, LLC

Performance-based Training: Unite Your Team

“After meeting Maia in April of 2016, I can honestly tell you that our business has never been the same. When I asked her what she would do to address our situation, she put the accountability back on me. Instead of telling me what she thought we should do, like many others might do in her spot, she asked me what I thought about the situation and what I wanted for our executive team and for our agency. This was her secret of seeing how she could help—or more importantly, (show us) how we could help ourselves. Maia has unlocked the potential of our Executive Team in ways we never thought possible.”

Ben Brugler, CEO and President, akhia communications

“Maia has an immediacy and efficiency that is quite remarkable. From a timeline of just about two months she created and presented a tailored two-day training program for seasoned instructors. Her output was accurate, insightful and effective. Maia crosses the line of ‘great trainer’ and ‘great person’ — which doesn’t happen too much in my experience of training other trainers. While this training was a few years ago I still hear from those trained that they learned a great deal from the class – even from those who truly did not want to be in attendance.”

Carol Mintz, Director, Center for Emergency Preparedness, Cleveland State University

“Maia provided (my former company) with not only information…but valuable tools that we can use moving forward. In addition, Maia brings enthusiasm and optimism to the table, and this helps grease the wheels and start a discussion among obstinate leadership peers who may be struggling with communication. Her creativity and fearlessness are exactly what the doctor ordered, and she does it with a good-humored and disarming style. If silos and politics are spoiling your company from within, then I would strongly recommend Maia.”

Eric Camulli, now the VP of Marketing at 7signal

“Maia is a very dedicated and caring Master Trainer whose main goal is to ensure that her learners leave with the skills and knowledge she has shared, ingrained into who they are, and what they need to do. Each person she works with, whether individually or in larger groups, matters! Motivation and passion are her catalysts for bringing out the gifts in others. I truly feel that if you’re fortunate enough to have a chance to learn from and work with her, that both your business and your life will be enhanced!”

Laura Zenebesis, Client Services, Langevin Learning Services