Our Company

Maia Beatty and Associates was born in March 1990, in Corpus Christi, Texas, when Maia realized that the mindset, toolsets and skillsets she had developed over the past two decades could be helpful to other people.

At the heart of our company is the idea that each of us has a unique genius to share with the world. Our willingness to step out and show up with it is a game changing initiative that reshapes the world in which we live. It’s also what defines a leader, no matter what your work is or where you may reside in any company hierarchy.

Our sole purpose as a company is to provide you with the toolsets you need to grow a Reinvention Mindset and develop the skillsets you need to allow your innate genius to shine through.

After 30 years in the business of helping individuals, leaders and teams to create their own remarkable results, COVID-19 provided us with the opportunity to reinvent the way we deliver our services: we are now 100% online.

In the process, we were reminded that it is never our circumstances that determine our results, it is always our mindset. Once you develop a Reinvention Mindset, you can adapt to any change that comes your way and thrive in the midst of any circumstances.

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“Maia has truly been an inspiration to me and has helped me explore what’s possible, what I want, and what I can do to realize my goals. I’ve learned how to self-think through lots of different situations and she’s helped me unlock my “tool box” so I can use the tools I have to successfully build my life the way I envision it. Her deep insight, amazing listening skills, and thought-provoking questions have completely transformed the way I think and how I live my life. Thank you so much Maia!”

Zipporah Evania, CLTC, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL, Financial Advisor