On the Road to Oz

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight.
Transformation is one of my favorite words. It’s a combination of trans, meaning any one of several active words: “across, on the other side, beyond; through; or change” and form, which is “the appearance of a thing.”
It describes a process that we’ve all undergone throughout our lives. We arrived on the planet as babies, then we transformed into children. Once we became children, we were transforming into adolescents. Once we became adolescents, we were transforming into young adults, then adults.
At this point, some of us thought we were done.
Others of us recognized that transformation is the essence of existence and kept on looking for more ways to do it.
This has been a week of transformation for me. It’s been very exciting to see where my journey is taking me. No truer words were ever spoken than “We’re not in Kansas anymore!”
And I’ve discovered something else: although each transformation brings you to a deeper and truer version of your own personal Oz, your last version of Oz always turns to Kansas. It turns to Kansas when you let it become commonplace and mundane and stop exploring the richness of the experience.
Although this has nothing to do with the real state of of that name, “Kansas” is your everyday world. Oz is your next place of discovery and adventure; it’s at the heart of your Powerful Presence.
No matter what you’re doing right now, look around you. Are you in Kansas – or on the road to Oz?
You always have the choice.

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