Networking is like a Dance

This past week I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some fascinating business professionals in the area as I began my networking efforts for 2011. Because my meetings have been back-to back over a few days, I’ve had the chance to get an overview of the way I, and others, network –just in time for my teleclass on Networking Presence on Tuesday.
Networking seems like a dance to me because there are steps to it; each of you must be dancing the same dance for it to work. When you are each dancing the same dance together,  you can be creative in how you do it. The best dancers always leave their partners feeling happy they shared the dance. The impact of a great dance is always positive.
The professionals who had the most positive impact on me did three things very well:


  1. They were interested in me ~ and it showed. It also increased my interest in them. My favorite meetings were the ones where each of us left the conversation knowing equally as much about each other. The conversations were truly a dialogue, completely give-and-take. There was no doubt for either of us of how, specifically, we could support each other.

  3. Nobody was trying to make a sale. Each of us were curious about the other as a person, knowing that if there was a good match for our skills and interests, any possible sales would come later.

  5. We both had the same tempo ~ sometimes slower, sometimes more lively. No matter what the tempo was, we were in sync.

When you know how to do it well, you can be the Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers of Networking!


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  1. Maia, thanks for the useful reminder about networking, or rather, net-building. Our ‘mutual’, Lenora, has reminded me that sales’ is a process vs an event. You have also reminded me of this. And, to be a biz ‘lovecat’, by just sharing our passions and knowledge with everyone ‘just because’. Thanks for being ‘real’, Maia!

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