More Praise for Dance Into Your Power

Maia’s latest book, Dance Into Your Power, is the catalyst for Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead FasterTM!

More praise for Dance Into Your Power:

“Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop! What an adventure! And what a wonderful gift to give people: the keys to their own personal power. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to discover their personal power and experience the confidence and peace that comes from that.”

—Stephanie Ward
The Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs
Firefly Coaching

“Maia’s story will pull your heart right out of your chest and make you want to run instead of walk towards your passion in life. After reading this book, I’ve felt more compelled than ever to connect with my inner self and harness the power within to turn my dreams into reality. This book is a must-read! ”

—Zipporah Evania, CLTC, CLU®, ChFC®,CASL
Financial Advisor

Reading Dance into Your Power felt as though Maia had written this book just for me—it was like having a conversation with her. Dancing through life’s challenges is easier than you think—and Maia will show you how! If you are looking for realistic and comforting inspiration, keep reading. I hope you dance, too”

—Jennifer McDonald
Owner/Director, Martell School of Dance

Maia Beatty is the embodiment of Powerful Presence and her completely authentic, no holds barred, fully alive spirit jumps off the pages of this book. She offers her readers a clear, simple roadmap based on her own life experience for dancing into their own authentic power.”

—Cathy Jacob, CPCC, Partner,
Fire Inside Leadership Coaching

Maia clearly demonstrates that despite negative childhood and adult experiences you can take charge of your own destiny joyously.”

Rose Pellar, Barrister and Solicitor,
Author of A Gift in
Every Challenge

What an amazing and unusual journey Maia’s life has been! I believe the resulting wisdom and processes gleaned from her journey is exactly where a treasure lies for all of us as we continue upon ours. Maia teaches you how to “identify, claim, and access your own personal power” so you can soar unlimited as you create your future.”

—Loree Bischoff, Life Coach
Author of Common Sense Happiness

This is a wonderful book! Maia has transformed her incredible story into a resource that’s emotional, compelling and inspirational. Her writing is deceptively easy to read, while being profound and unconventional at the same time. I’ve come away from it with many golden nuggets that will benefit me and my clients for years. This book is a must read!”

—Kate Franklin, CPCC, MCIPD
Director, Oak Tree
Coaching Ltd.

Reading Maia’s book has changed my awareness of how I work with my patients. Her exploration of the dynamics of Powerful Presence has illuminated for me the dance we do as doctors and patients during every office visit, even though I’ve been doing it for over 30 years. Dance into Your Power solidified for me the idea I’ve had that, in order for true healing to occur, the music we bring to this dance must come from our hearts, not just our minds. This is a powerful book that I highly recommend.”

—Dr. Kenneth J. Klak, D.O.

Dance into Your Power invites you into one woman’s life where you will learn valuable life lessons that will help you every day. Maia’s positive message and the “distinctions, structures, and strategies” she shares in this book will inspire you to dance in ways that will transform your life!”

—Lori Maloney Young, Planner, Facilitator,
Advocate, Mother

This book is superb! Maia is clearly a fully present, positive and very balanced person. She shows you exactly how she has healed her life and moved on to be the amazing woman she is today, and she gives you a road map that anyone can follow! Maia shares with you everything you need to know to join her in creating a life that is more joyful, connected and lived with greater ease.”

—Betsy Muller, Speaker and Coach
Best-selling Author of
Energy Makeover