Making it Personal: The Journey To Powerful Presence

This week, the countdown has begun for the next session of my 12-week teleclass: Mapping Your Journey to Powerful Presence.
Amazing women are signing up, referred by friends and colleagues who took  the last class or as a result of my recent speaking  engagements.
There are only two seats left – and I can’t wait to meet the women who will fill them.
As I complete my final preparations for the class by sending out the pre-class correspondence with all the details  and getting everyone invited to the community yahoo group, there’s an added element to my tasks. My sense of excitment and delight is heightened by the commitment I just made to myself and admitted publicly to the members of the last class.
Before I tell you about the commitment, let me tell you where it came from…
Last week I saw the movie “Julie & Julia” ~ twice. There’s a line Julie speaks that caught me in my throat the first time I heard it: “I’m going to write a blog every day…and it’s going to change my life!” 
The second time I heard it, it rocked me to my core. I knew that it was my next step in my own journey.
To put this in perspective: each woman who takes this teleclass gives her learning a context by claiming where in her life she would like to have more Powerful Presence. Each step of the journey – each class meeting – takes her closer and closer to making that claim a reality by giving her the tools and strategies to do it.
What makes it even more exciting – and transformational – are the positive and astonishing surprises that await her along the way and the deep relationships that develop as this group of women takes this journey together.
So as I lead the amazing women of this class on this  journey, I’m going to be claiming my own context – and blogging about it daily.
The next place where I would like to have more Powerful Presence in my life is to write my next book.
My goal is to have the draft of the book, Mapping Your Journey to Powerful Presence, completed by June 24, 2010 (my birthday), with  a publisher all lined up. I will have it in an envelope and put it in the mail before noon that day.
The prospect of doing that – and of  blogging about my progress every day – is so big for me right now that it takes my breath away and makes me GULP!
And it is also so exhilarating that it makes me GASP with delight! 
So I hope you will join me for the next 3 months as I use the principles of Powerful Presence to take this journey and share it with you every day.


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