Make Simple Shifts

Simple Shifts are small behavior changes that anyone can make to break through what holds you back in your career or personal life. Whether you’re looking for a blueprint to increase your leadership skills, a roadmap to create remarkable results with your team or organization, or a strategy to transform your discomfort with public speaking, you’ve come to the right place.

Simple Shifts are the foundation of all the work we do together—think of them as The Inner Work of Leaders.

How do they work?

Every Simple Shift is an updated thought, belief or behavior that moves you forward and helps you to create remarkable results in any arena. Simple Shifts expand the possibilities available to you—they help you to see what’s previously been invisible, so you can do what’s previously been impossible.

The biggest payoff you get with Simple Shifts is that they interrupt Unconscious Traps—those outdated thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that hold you back and stop you from achieving what you want most. Simple Shifts work every time, whether you’re accomplishing your goals as a leader, succeeding in your professional and personal relationships, or stepping up as a confident and engaging speaker in any size group.

Why this matters

Success is an inside job. You build success with your unique combination of Simple Shifts—just as you keep it out of reach when you’re stuck in your unique combination of Unconscious Traps.

Here’s the bottom line: even when you have access to all of the most magnificent leadership strategies in the world, they remain out of your reach unless you can update your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. In other words: Make Simple Shifts. (When you hear yourself saying, “I knew exactly what to do—why didn’t I do it?” it’s a sure sign that you were caught in an Unconscious Trap and were unable to shift in the heat of the moment.)

Now you know. Just by reading this, you’ve expanded your choices. Below is a model of what is looks like, so you can see for yourself.

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