Make 2019 Your B.E.S.T. Year!

March 4th has always been one of my favorite days of the year—it feels steeped in possibility if you will simply “march forth.” It falls right at the beginning of Women’s History Month, which gives it even more meaning for me in light of my work with Women Leaders.

So, it’s with great delight that I begin this month’s blog focus of Women’s History and Women Leaders by announcing a powerful collaboration between two women leaders right here in Cleveland. (Because I’m one of them, you get the inside scoop!)

What’s the Story?

Eight years ago, I met T.L. Champion, creator of the “Become a Published Author” and “Become an Effective Speaker” Systems, while I was keynoting a conference in Cleveland. Our rapport was instant. We kept in touch over the years with long lunches and random phone conversations. Although clearly of like minds, for a variety of reasons we were traveling in different circles at the time.

All that changed in January. The planets aligned for us when our conversation unearthed a treasure that we never expected: we discovered the intersection of our perspectives about helping professionals to feel comfortable and confident as speakers. As soon as we saw it, we knew we had a unique resource that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Each of us bring decades of experience—in coaching, speaking, writing and video production—to the conversation.

In 1998, T.L., an award-winning writer/director, launched Champion Studios, a full-service marketing firm focused on developing creative content for professionals. Each year since 2011, she’s has been holding her signature Business Leaders and Inspirational Speakers Series (BLISS) in Cleveland—where business professionals have a built-in audience for their TED Talk type of presentation, which T.L. then turns into a professional video. She launched her popular “Become an Effective Speaker” System™ at the same time. Since 1999, my PowerSpeak™ (and since 2005, Advanced PowerSpeak™) have helped professionals across the country and in the UK to transform their speaking stress into speaking skill in as little as one day.

Making History

Once we realized the power of our combined experiences, we created the Become an Effective Speaker Today (BEST) System™ featuring PowerSpeak™ and BLISS™ and we’re launching it right here in Cleveland.

What’s In It For You?

Whether you want to increase your speaking confidence as a business professional, expand your influence at your workplace or build a platform for something you’re passionate about, now you have a resource unlike anything else out there.

There are three ways you can take advantage of this exciting system:

  1. Do you simply want to build your speaking confidence? Consider attending the next PowerSpeak class on May 8, in Independence, Ohio.
  2. Do you want to become a more powerful speaker so you can expand your influence at work or in your business? Join us for the next BLISS Audition on Saturday, April 6. We will help you to explore what’s possible for you with our exclusive assessment, The Seven Qualities of Exceptional Speakers™ and offer you options for your next steps.
  3. Are you ready to take the stage at BLISS? As a business professional or an entrepreneur who’s ready to create your own TED Talk type of presentation video, join us for the next BLISS Audition on Saturday, April 6. We will show you exactly how you can become one of our six BLISS presenters at this year’s event on October 22nd.

Imagine speaking confidently in front of your peers and visualize the difference it will make in your life. This is exactly why we are so excited to bring our BEST System™ to you.


Email T.L. or Maia—we’re looking forward to connecting with you!

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  1. I am forever in awe and inspired by you Maia!! One of my favorites ever!! Congratulations on EVERYTHING!!! I’m looking forward to our paths aligning again!

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