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As you watch the leaves burst forth with all of their brilliant color just before depositing themselves knee-deep in your yard—giving you yet another task to add to your list—are you getting that November Feeling?

If you’re like many people I know, that November Feeling brings three certainties with it:

    1. The year-end on-the-job-push to wrap up all of this year’s business before December 31.
    2. The beginning of the winter holiday season with a wide variety of get-togethers and parties, holiday eating…and all those gifts to purchase, wrap and distribute.

The perception that the time available for self-reflection will disappear now, until it’s time to wake up on January 1 with a New Year’s Resolution ready to launch, so you can begin this yearly process all over again.

Our year-end experience is so familiar that it can take on a life of its own. Before you even look up, the year is over and a new one is about to begin.

What if you could do this differently? What if you don’t have to wait until January 1st to create a powerful New Year for yourself…and what if there was an alternative to those hastily made resolutions that won’t make it to February?

There are three things you can do right now to Jump-Start your 2015 Success:

    1. State What You Want: Imagine that you have Unlimited Cosmic Power and you cannot fail. Now think about how you want 2015 to roll out for you, starting with Q1. What could you stop, start or continue over the upcoming holidays that would make that much more likely to happen? Before you get immersed in the midst of the holidays—when resistance is futile!—take some time this week to think about what you want. (This is very different than thinking what you don’t want or what you hope won’t happen or what you dread will happen.) Thinking about what you want gives you the best chance of creating it for yourself.
    2. See Your Success as Real NOW: Once you identify what you want—especially if this is the first time you’ve ever tried something like this—you will very likely come face-to-face with all three PowerTraps. That is simply par for the course. When you see your success as real now, you create a vision that allows you to move towards it in a completely straightforward way. Champions in all walks of life use this strategy to overcome obstacles that most of us will never face; they make it look easy. That’s because they keep their eyes on the prize—not the obstacles. And you can do that, too.
    3. Blueprint Your Process: When you’re new at developing a habit or creating a compelling future for yourself, things always work better when you have a blueprint to follow. Every building, product or success that’s ever been created always starts with some form of blueprint—and your success in 2015 is no different. My clients and I use the PowerMoves Blueprint with these three elements:

a. Choose empowering beliefs to support you

b. Develop powerful abilities that will move you to success

c. Take focused action every step of the way

It’s not too early to claim exactly what you want for 2015. Just thinking about what you want (instead of what you don’t want), being willing to see your success as real now and taking the necessary steps to blueprint your process will create your momentum, and give you evidence of your progress all along the way.

This is exactly the process I used at this time last year to start my shift from a solopreneur of over two decades to Chief Inspirator this spring, attract the perfect business partner to join Chuck and me this July, and build the foundation of practices for the team we’re already building to bring my systems and strategies to an international audience in the next three years.

As November begins, I invite you to consider what life would be like for you if you decided to jump-start your success own success in 2015—let me know how it goes!

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