Jump In With Both Feet!

It’s been over a month since I posted my last blog…and it feels like 5 minutes!
Have you ever been so involved in what you were doing that the time just flew by? Time right now feels like it’s pouring out of a glass…moving faster than I can even keep track of. And yet I have never been happier, more focused or felt more sure that I am on the path I was born for. Just goes to show you that immersion in what matters most to you transcends time…
So what are you doing right now with “your one wild and precious life?”
As the first quarter of the year rolls by, are you dancing for joy every day? Are you immersed in doing things that move you forward in the dreams you have for your life? Whether you are or not, you can make a new choice today.
On this first Monday after “Spring Ahead” I hope you’ll be inspired to jump into something that matters to you with both feet. Do one thing today that makes you laugh out loud with joy and see what happens. This action might take you minutes ~ yet it can transform the rest of your day.
Jump in today ~ and then post your comments about what you did right here.
And spread the idea around, would you? Pass this on!

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