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There’s nothing like a good dose of difficulty to make you sit up and smell the coffee in the morning.
As the new week starts, there’s inspiration all around me. It feels like my senses were so aware of everything last week that they’ve continued to pick things up that I might otherwise have missed. There’s no moss growing, no dust gathering and nothing taken for granted this week. I’m really paying attention.
This weekend I started reading a book by Dr. Maria Nemeth, The Energy of Money. I’ve had it in my library for awhile, and only just started reading it. It’s appearing at the perfect time for me; it makes me realize just how universal is the idea of taking a journey through your life. Like Joseph Campbell does in  The Hero With A Thousand Faces, and like we’ve been doing in the Journey to Powerful Presence, Dr. Nemeth explores the journey that we all must travel to fulfill our individual destinies.
For a few minutes last week, I thought a mistake I made would cost me everything I’ve worked for.  Even though it was just a few minutes before the Beliefs of Powerful Presence popped into my brain and helped me maneuver through the situation, that thought really shook me. Everything I experienced last week has reminded me that mistakes are simply part of the journey. It’s not whether you make them ~ every hero does ~ it’s what you learn from them that leads you forward to create your dreams.
Dr Nemeth outlines a four-step process in her book that had me sit up and pay attention the moment I read it. The connection of  what I was reading to what I had learned the previous week   simply took my breath away. It was exactly the process I had just gone through; it took me seeing the words in print to realize it.
Here’s her four-step process:


  1. Look
  2. See
  3. Tell the truth
  4. Take Authentic Action

Her book is about using this process to create financial and personal fulfillment; I believe that her process has universal application for all of us on the Journey to Powerful Presence.
Today is the first day of the rest of my week. My eyes and ears and heart are open, so I can look at what I’m doing and see the results I’m creating. This blog gives me the chance to tell the truth in public and provides me with the fuel to take Authentic Action.
The gift is knowing that you’re on this journey with me.

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