Increasing the Street Cred of Falling Back

The term “Fall Back” has certainly gotten a bad rap over the years.


The more we value springing forward, the less positive fall back begins to seem. Fall back  always means second best–it’s the thing you do when your version of “spring forward” hasn’t worked. It’s what you do to keep some semblance of pride intact after you’ve been trounced.


This is the time of the year when that term means you can get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday,  then deal with the effects of jet-lag like symptoms for the next several days until your body adjusts. Most folks I’ve talked to are adjusting as best they can.


As I was adjusting to my own symptoms yesterday, I spent some time on the internet investigating–considering what I could do to increase this term’s street cred.


As I googled the term and the things it pointed to, three things were glaringly obvious:


  1. Everything alive has a rhythm ( The Rhythm of Life isn’t just a Disney song!). That rhythm involves a flow (spring forward) and and ebb (fall back). Breathing, blood flow, the tides, the seasons, waking and sleeping, and innumerable other things are all subject to that rhythm.

  3. Think how crazy it would be to appreciate just one part of your blood flow (“Today I’m just going to pump blood out”) or one part of your breathing (“I’m just going to breathe in today.”) Ridiculous, right? You need both the ebb and the flow of your breathing and your heart pumping to stay alive. The minute you pick one over the other–as if you could!–you’d be dead.

  5. In our culture of 24/7 access of just about everything, it’s easy to value the flow of go-go-go. We can forget that we need to ebb just as much–it’s the only way we can sustain that flow.


As the rhythm of the year heads towards its winding down with longer nights and shorter days, I hope you’ll take some time each day to create your own version of “fall back.” Here are some strategies I like to do myself, and share with my clients:


  • Take advantage of the longer nights and give yourself one hour’s more rest by going to bed 30 minutes earlier and getting up 30 minutes later.

  • One your way to and from any destination, take a few minutes to stop and look around you. Breathe in the beauty around you before heading back to your car or going inside.

  • Take an hour every week to do something that quiets your mind and nourishes your spirit. Start by turning off the TV and see what happens…even if it takes you a few tries to feel comfortable.


Try this for a week  and see how much better you feel. Try it for 30 days and see how much more you enjoy your holidays this year…


Join me in the powerful strategy of Falling Back–and let me know how it goes.

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