Illuminate Your Personal Brand

“(Maia) is able to deconstruct and demystify a very important aspect of how we influence others, and then teach it so that ANYONE can enjoy the rewards of having a powerful, positive presence.”

—Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach

Your personal brand is as unique as your fingerprint, so why is it so mystifying to figure out how you got it?

Do you remember being introduced to the idea of Personal Branding with Tom Peters’ article, The Brand Called You, in Fast Company (August 1997)? He told us that we were all every bit as much of a brand as “Nike, Coke, Pepsi…or the Body Shop.” With all the press the topic has gotten in the two decades since then, what have we learned in makes us better at managing our personal brand?

That’s where this course can illuminate the process—from the inside out—because your brand will always determined by your impact on others.

When you bring this course to your organization or association, you’ll find out:

  1. The three hallmarks that are common to every brand—and how they make yours positive … or not.
  2. The science behind each hallmark—and how you can use it to create a personal brand that makes you the one who people choose (to work with, buy from or collaborate with)
  3. Specific strategies to test the impact of your brand, so you can fine-tune it at will.

Choose the option that best fits your circumstances:

Option A: An 8-hour course for up to 30 people

Option B: A combination of

  1. A 90-minute keynote—a general overview which covers the three hallmarks and how they work—for audiences ranging from 50 to 500 people
  2. A 4-hour focused break-out session for up to 25 people—which covers the science behind the hallmarks and customized strategies for the participants.

“Maia is a very dedicated and caring Master Trainer whose main goal is to ensure that her learners leave with the skills and knowledge she has shared, ingrained into who they are, and what they need to do. Each person she works with…matters! Motivation and passion are her catalysts for bringing out the gifts in others.

—Laura Zenebesis, Client Services, Langevin Learning Services

Yes! We’re ready to bring Illuminate Your Personal Brand to our organization.