How to Use Powerful Presence Right Now

Three more weeks and Dance into Your Power will be in your hands!
If you’re counting down with me and waiting to get your hands on this book, I’m right there with you. All this time and all this work and it finally comes down to this: the time comes when all your hard work must have the space to grow into itself. All you can do is wait. I’m reminded of my friend and Powerful Presence Alum, Allie, whose baby girl Megan Elizabeth was born a few days ago. Sometimes you just have to wait for what you really want to hold in your arms until it can reach you.
Knowing that it’s coming has got to be enough.
So while we’re waiting together, I thought it would be very fun to see what we can do right now, while we’re waiting. This book project has been an amazing Journey and there are at least three beliefs and behaviors I learned from it that I use every day. Here’s the map of how I use them, so you can use them, too.
A. The belief that “You bring about what you think about” keeps me mindful of my thoughts.

  1. Claim what you want; ignore what you don’t want. You have the choice of what you focus on: like running a race, keep your eye on the goal and you won’t be distracted by obstacles that surface.
  2. Use positive language. Everything you name shows up, so make sure the names you call things are positive!
  3. Accept the fact that believing makes room for the “things not seen” ~ they’re only not seen, YET. Keep believing in them and acting on that belief and they will come to you with perfect timing.

B. Where there is great darkness there is also great Light: they cannot exist without each other. Both of them serve us.

  1. There really is a gift in every obstacle! Every obstacle I’ve faced while bringing this book to its launch date of October 15 has taught me something that I couldn’t have learned any other way.
  2. When you focus on the Light, the darkness recedes.
  3. Sometimes there’s a deep peacefulness in the dark that you can only discover when you are willing to stay in it without putting on, or searching for, the Light.

C. The purpose of Setbacks is to give you time to think and adjust your behavior.

  1. What looks like a wall is actually a springboard when you know how to position it. The secret to positioning it is to stop, breathe, walk around it and allow for creativity.
  2. Sometimes a setback is only the result of lack of sleep and good food. Nurture yourself with good food and the luxury of 8 hours sleep and you will be amazed at what happens.
  3. Like Darkness and Light, Accomplishment only means something because Setbacks abound.

What are you going through right now that would be positively affected by any of these beliefs or behaviors? Take them out for a spin this week and let me know how they work for you.
Before you know it, another week will have gone by and we’ll be that much closer to the launch.
Have a truly illuminating week!

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