Getting Ready to Dance

The waiting is almost over!
One week from today, Dance into Your Power will launch on Amazon—and everywhere else. I hope you’ll join us in getting your copy on that day, and in telling everyone you know about it, so we can create an Amazon bestseller on October 15.
This is such an exciting part of our journey together. It’s clear to me that every choice I’ve made in my life has brought me to this moment with you. To see that I’ve lived my whole life to be ready for it is both astonishing and humbling.
Last weekend I read a quote from Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade that sums up everything about this book: “A life cannot be repaired—it can only be re-created.”
That’s the whole point of Dance into Your Power. Out of all the obstacles, disappointments ad failures of my life, something transformational has been born. I’m also clear that, although our circumstances are unique, you and I are not fundamentally different. That means that all those distinctions, structures and strategies I discovered on my journey are hugely transferable to yours.
It makes no difference where you start, or how arduous your road has been; all you have to do is decide what you want and be willing to take focused action. That’s when Dance into Your Power could be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • The Three Empowering Beliefs await your willingness to experience them
  • The Three Resourceful Abilities have been mapped out to get you started
  • The Three Focused Actions will pull you out of your past into a future you will consciously create.

Believe me—your Journey awaits you. And I would love to show you how to dance your way through it.
I hope you’ll join me for the countdown this week!

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