Fall Down 100 Times ~ Get Up 101

My friend Brian Daniels posted a quote on Linked In this morning that connects our “best successes” to the aftermath of our “disappointments.” I couldn’t agree more.
It’s another Monday morning ~ another fresh start to my week and I’m ready for it. After our own personal family tsunami over the last 4 months that involved two deaths and more travel than we’ve done in awhile, I’m feeling like I just survived the sinking of the Titanic (probably because I’ve seen Kate & Leo in the movie too many times; still, the reference feels accurate.)
The usefulness of that metaphor is that it helps me to be clear on three things:

  • I’m still alive
  • while there’s life and breath in me, there’s still hope and boundless possibility
  • sometimes it takes a little while to recover — important time that you just have to take

Powerful Presence doesn’t mean you’re invincible, it means that you’re present to every circumstance. We don’t like to deal with things that are less-than-optimal–I’m no different than anyone else in that respect.  Still, I believe with all my heart that the difficult times are the polishers of your Soul and I have learned to welcome the polishing.
I always say that there’s a gift in every obstacle, even when it seems invisible.
The trick is to keep believing there’s a gift waiting, despite your present circumstances, because it actually makes your brain work better. Keeping your brain working is your only hope of remaining resourceful.
So as I continue to move forward, getting polished and relishing the possibilities that will result, I  hope this blog post will inspire you to persevere through your own challenges this week.
Spring is on its way ~ and we treasure it so much because we have just endured the greyness of Winter.

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