Everything Brings a Gift

My workday started out with a wonderful high yesterday and ended with a resounding  thump late last night.
What Powerful Presence has taught me is that each of these circumstances is equally valuable on my Journey; valuing either one of them more highly than the other would be to miss the exceptional gift that each one brings.
I have to admit that the experience of my high was a lot more fun. I wish I had experiences like that every day; then I remember that it would be like living someplace beautiful and not seeing every bit of the beauty all around you because it’s so commonplace. Living in San Diego taught me that.
What knocks you off your feet in delight is the rarity of the experience, whether it’s a captivating conversation that reinforces your life purpose or the sight of something magnificent on the planet.
Because my morning experience was so unexpected and so thoroughly affirming of me and my work, the memory of it warmed me all day. At first, I wanted to shout it off the rooftops. Then I realized that it would last longer and be a lot more useful inside me, as fuel to continue on this path.
Good thing, too – since I needed it late yesterday afternoon.
None of us is immune to difficulties in life; some of mine showed up yesterday afternoon. The thing I’ve noticed about difficulties is that they show up for us in a variety of ways, from a sudden, solid thump to a meandering whiff of smoke. No matter how they arrive, they land in your body with a clang and a bang that short circuits your brain momentarily.
What you do next makes all the difference in how things turn out.
When the difficulties arrive, it’s easy to jump into “fight or flight” since we’re all hardwired for that. That works perfectly out in the animal world, where your job is to avoid being lunch while you’re out and about. Our bodies are hardwired to respond to a perceived threat exactly the way the animals do: the brain shuts down, all our blood rushes to our core to protect our guts and the muscles in our arms and legs fire up for running and fighting.
This is not the smartest way to respond to a business threat ~ especially the part about your brain shutting down.
So you have to be very clear that what will save you in the jungle will kill you in the “concrete jungle.” That’s where the Three Beliefs of Powerful Presence will save you.
When difficulties hit, you get that sinking feeling that makes you feel nauseous. My strategy is to use that sinking feeling as a trigger to send my brain off in a different direction: instead of letting it shut down so my emotion can take over, I immediately think of the Three Beliefs. They act as my protection from the onslaught of any difficulties and they keep my brain in the game. Here’s what I say to myself:


  1. I bring about what I think about ~ my thoughts right now are critical to my success.
  2. I have what it takes ~ I have the knowledge and skill to handle anything that comes my way.
  3. Every obstacle brings a gift ~ I will focus on the gift right now because I’ll learn something I’ll need in the future.

Today I’m starting my day with a smile and a powerful feeling of peace, knowing I can handle anything that comes my way.

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