Energize Your Audience

No matter who the audience, Maia has the ability to capture and hold their rapt attention…she brings enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and charisma to everything she does.”

—Diane Helbig, Principal, Seize This Day Coaching

Through three decades, Maia is committed to touching the lives and hearts of her audiences. She inspires them to think—and act—differently, as leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents.

Your audience will experience an engaging, interactive, yet practical message that sends them back into their world with a simple shift that makes their leadership more effective, their actions more focused and their communication more productive.

Every presentation is as unique as the audience and the event—each one is customized in context and title to meet your objectives. Choose from these interactive and performance-based topics:

  • Innovative Communication Breakthroughs
  • Global Communication Strategies
  • Transforming Your Personal Brand Into Leadership Success
  • Unpack Your Speaking Challenges
  • PowerUp Your Networking

Your attendees will be amazed at the simple strategies they’ll learn and be able to put into practice immediately. Each one is designed to help them get the outcome they desire—including authentic buy-in from their colleagues and clients.

Here’s a list of clients that Maia has worked with during her career. Join them to get rave reviews for your next event!

Maia is the most powerful presenter that I have ever seen! Her presence elevates the energy in any room she’s in. Her audience adores her. This is a professional who knows how to engage, impact and take her audience on a ride that causes life-changing behavior and thinking to occur. Talent like this is very rare.

—Lisa Newberger, Owner, Discuss Directives, LLC


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