Energize Your Audience—PowerSpeak!

If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”

—Warren Buffet

When you have the ability to speak with clarity and confidence under any circumstances, you and your entire organization benefit. Yet, for many otherwise successful professionals, the ability to speak confidently in front of an audience is elusive at best.

It’s been said that 90% of a great presentation happens before the speaker reaches the podium. That’s because speaking with confidence is an inside job. You cannot convey what you do not believe. So the first thing you have to believe is that you have what it takes to bring your message to the audience who needs it most—and that’s where PowerSpeak comes in.

What is PowerSpeak?

PowerSpeak is a different kind of speaking training. In just one day, you will:

  • Eliminate your speaking anxiety
  • Uncover your innate speaking strengths
  • Harness the power of silence

How does it work?

When you bring PowerSpeak to your organization as either the Laser-Focused Speaking Coaching or Breakthrough Speaking Coaching Programs, you’ll experience the power of hands-on speaking practice from minute one.

In the process, you’ll discover how simple it can be to unpack the inner obstacles that hold you back from your greatest speaking success—at the same time that you’re uncovering your innate speaking strengths.

The class is fast-paced (learners report that the day flies by), engaging (you’re in action!) and fun (because you learn more when you’re enjoying yourself.)

What results can I expect?

“Thank you, Maia, for providing a safe space for us to be vulnerable and open to feedback from complete strangers. It’s because of your ability to make your students feel safe, supported, and eager to engage in an unfamiliar environment that this PowerSpeak session was such a success. In my lifetime, you are the only person that I have come across that can achieve that! Thank you for everything.”

—Twyla Turner, Senior Marketing and Event Specialist, JumpStart, Inc.

Since 1999, thousands of participants agree that they have exponentially increased their confidence and skill in front of an audience. In just one day, they discovered how to tap into their natural speaking ability and hold the attention of any size audience—anytime—even at the last minute.

PowerSpeak alums are clear about the impact of their experience. Here are some of the results they’ve reported in their course evaluations:

After PowerSpeak, I …

  • Eliminated my speaking anxiety (I couldn’t believe it was so simple!)
  • Know how to connect with my audience, even before I start my presentation
  • Trust myself and my speaking ability
  • Use the power of silence to center myself and connect with my audience
  • Went from fearful to fearless
  • Will always shift my focus to the audience

Where do you want to begin?

Bring PowerSpeak to your organization, association or group. Each PowerSpeak class is limited to six participants. Find out how you can train six for the price of five.

You can explore Laser-Focused Speaking Coaching or Breakthrough Speaking Coaching.

Yes! I want to schedule a complimentary exploration session with Maia.