Do You Have What It Takes to Get What You Want?

We’ve explored all the reasons why you bring about what you think about – this week you get the chance to put all that into action with this next foundational  Belief.

Today’s your big day ~ it’s your big presentation in front of your target audience, or a critical networking opportunity at an important conference, or maybe your photo shoot for the cover of a leading magazine in your industry. Emotions run deep and the stakes are high. Whatever you’re doing today, 93% of your success is going to hinge on your presence. And your presence is either going to move you forward or hold you back, in spite of any opportunities that come your way.

Your presence, at any given moment, is the result of:


  • what you’re thinking about
  • where you’re placing your attention
  • what you believe about yourself and your abilities


Your presence enters the room before you do and makes all the difference in your success at anything you’re doing. One of my favorite quotes by Denis Waitley describes this perfectly:  “It’s not who you think you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re NOT.”   So if you want to get what you want in business, you have to pay attention to your presence. That’s where this second Belief will really pay off.

The dictionary defines the word belief as “the mental acceptance” of something that you hold to be true.

Beliefs happen in 1st Gear ~ and  as we’ve already discovered, your 1st Gear is just one possibility. If you’ve tried the Clock-face Technique, you know that you can shift your experience with the snap of your fingers. The good news is that you can shift your experience just as easily when you shift your beliefs. You can try on any belief ~ just like you try on a new outfit at the store before you buy it.


All of us  have beliefs that shape our experience. Our Reticular Activating System is helping us to filter in the information that we need to maneuver our way through life ~ our beliefs are the source of our filters. When we shift our beliefs, we shift our experience.

So let’s go back to the where we started: it’s your big day today.
What are you focusing on?


  • What a  great job you’ll do
  • How much you know
  • What a perfect resource you are

Odds are high that your focus is on just the opposite. If you’re like most of us, you’re finely tuned to all the things you lack in this moment:


  • What you don’t know
  • What you missed in your preparation
  • All the things you didn’t get or don’t have

Since you’re filtering for lack and you’re paying attention to yours, you can’t possibly bring anything powerful to this great opportunity you have today.

Now think about people you know of who consistently “bring it” to whatever they’re doing: any winning sports team, any successful actor or entertainer, business leaders, world figures, Olympic athletes, heroes anywhere. The one thing that distinguishes every single one of them from everyone else is that they have absolutely no doubt in their ability. Each one of them believes that they have what it takes to get the job done, whatever that job is. We see them on TV and hear about them in the news because of what they believe about themselves.

What if you could try that belief on like a new coat? What if you could find a way to do that quickly and easily? Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how.
Tomorrow: The Championship Strategy


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