Day 90 ~ Tonight’s Graduation!

The allergies that plagued me last night have no power in the face of the exhilaration I feel as I write this blog.
Three months ago I started this journey with the women in my teleclass. Tonight each one of us is completing her initial journey into Powerful Presence and getting ready to launch herself into the future she’s created in the last 90 days.
The celebration is made sweeter because we made the journey together.
I said when I started that I wanted to increase my Powerful Presence as a writer and that I wanted to use this journey to launch the book, Take the Journey to Powerful Presence. This book that I thought would take me six months to finish has taken on a life of its own ~ I can see now that it’s not something I want to rush.
I realize that it might be closer to the fall or winter before it’s ready to be published; there are other circumstances in our family that could affect my timeline. The one thing that remains constant is my desire, my commitment and my writing Mondays. For the first time in my writing life, this book will have the time it needs to grow.
In addition to those critical elements, I do have the publisher and the publishing plan (Thank you, Lynne Klippel!).
These daily blogs have proved to me that I’m a writer; I know it because I love it. I look forward to writing this blog every day. That is a huge change from just a year ago, when I started a blog because I had to have one and quit for 6 months because I thought I had nothing to say.
I’m witnessing the power of transformation and I’m in awe.


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