Day 9 ~ Moving Forward

After my experience yesterday, those extra two hours I got this morning from 4 to 6 AM, were especially sweet.
The day had a leisurely pace that reminded me of  how I used to experience time moving when I was much younger – more like an interesting drive, not a speeding bullet.  The best thing about it was that even when I’d been up for 6 hours, it was only 10 AM!
That extra time was useful today because we moved into the coaching questions part of the class.
That’s the part where everyone has an individual conversation with me to determine what she wants to accomplish in the next 90 days. We talk about where in her life she would like more Powerful Presence, what the benefits are to accomplishing what she sets out to accomplish, and what that will mean for  her on a personal level.
Then we identify the parameters of her journey:
What are the things she already does well? Those are the things that will support her, on which  she can build.
What are the challenges she faces; what has kept her from accomplishing her goal up to now? These are the problems she will use the program to  overcome.
What would be true about her if she had “Unlimited Cosmic Power” and she knew she could not fail? This is her vision of success and her measuring stick for her progress.
What does she want to avoid on her way to accomplishing her goal? This is her boundary beyond which she will not go; it keeps her in balance throughout the journey.
I love these questions. I love the conversations that come out of them and I love the way they make everything REAL.
Tomorrow I will answer them myself.


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