Day 89 ~ Powerful Presence vs A Whopping Case of Spring Allergies

Powerful Presence is easier when your nose isn’t running.
It’s not impossible, it just takes a little doing; mostly it takes surrendering to the inevitable discomforts of spring while appreciating all of the opportunities to practice those Three Beliefs, Three Abilities and Three Actions…
The Three Beliefs
You bring about what you think about means that you focus on the beautiful magnolia tree outside your window when you blow your nose.
You have what it takes means that you believe that this, too, shall pass and you’ll be left standing long after your symptoms are history.
There’s a gift in every obstacle means that you cherish all the tender care you get when your husband fusses over you and your symptoms.
The Three Abilities
Walk your talk with integrity means you admit that you have allergies and that you feel like crap.
Relate to others means that you are rigorous about washing your hands and sneezing into your elbow; you give up hugging everyone but your spouse until your sinuses are completely clear.
Dance with whatever shows up means you just “keep on truckin”despite your allergies, even when you know that just saying “keep on truckin” means that you are older than over 50% of the world’s population.
The Three Actions
Use what you’ve learned means that you know how to stay calm in the face of this physical misery.
Share what you’ve learned means that it’s OK to write a blog about this.
Create something new means that you can bet you will gets lots more ideas for future blogs simply by taking the risk this time.
Here’s my story and I’m sticking with it: in the presence of this kind of power, spring allergies don’t stand a chance!
And since I believe that you bring about what you think about, I know I’ll be better tomorrow.


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