Day 88 ~ The Sweetness of Saturday Night

Travel is one of those weird things that helps you to appreciate every single second you have with the people that you love.
After being gone for a week on family business, Chuck’s been back for just a few days; he’s leaving again for a week on Wednesday to work at the yearly conference that the non-profit he works for puts on every year.
Since he’s been back, the days have flown by; both of us have been immersed in our own work lives. Sometimes it’s not so simple to take a “personal day” just to catch up with each other, so we take the moments that we can and appreciate every second of them.
We went out to dinner tonight at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa del Rio in Wadsworth. The place is always packed, the food is out of this world, and the house margaritas will knock your socks off. We were celebrating Chuck’s birthday early, since his birthday is the day he leaves next week. We had a blast doing three of our favorite things: sitting next to each other in our booth, enjoying the food and the atmosphere  and basking in each other ‘s company.
The sweetness of Saturday night is having the opportunity to take the time to enjoy this kind of evening.
It reminds me of that Alicia Keyes song, Kiss Me Like It Was the Last Time. I love that song because it’s so true; yet many of us rarely think about it.
We take it for granted that the person we love will always be right next to us; we take it for granted that we will have the chance to say the things we want to say, or do the things we want to do. So many times we put things off; we bide our time and figure there will be a better time to make our move.
The events of the last few months have proved to me that we only have this present moment; nothing else is promised. It’s what we do with the moments we have that make all the difference in our lives.
Twenty years ago last November, Chuck Beatty took a chance and called me to come and speak for his group of geologists at Exxon USA in Corpus Christi, TX. He took another chance on December 26, to call me again after my program to invite me to lunch. My life was never the same after I said yes to both of his requests.
On this Saturday night, all I can think of is how precious each of the moments are that I have shared with him.
We have a few hours left tonight and I plan to spend them wisely.


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