Day 87 ~ It’s Friday Night

No matter how wonderful your week has been or how arduous the journey, there’s always Friday night.
What is it about Friday night that invites you to lay your burdens down so completely or celebrate your successes so enthusiastically?
Friday night is an arbitrary determination that we all take for granted; it’s only surpassed by the glory of Saturday night.
By Friday night  you’ve worked all day and all week, so you can only do what you can do. Saturday night is something you can rest up for; you can hit the ground running with wild abandon by late afternoon and thoroughly enjoy into the wee hours of Sunday. Then you top off the weekend with your particular Sunday traditions so you can start all over on Monday morning.
After a very long and very gratifying day, I’m celebrating Friday night.
I’m planning a Saturday full of enjoyment and a Sunday full of gratitude and thanksgiving for all the gift of this beautiful life I enjoy.
I am wishing you, Dear Reader, the very same thing.


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