Day 86 ~ LOTS to Celebrate

In the first 86 days of this blog, I have celebrated a number of things.

Today I realized just how much we have accomplished together in this very short time and how much I’m celebrating it.

One of the things I  like to do is invite my clients to create Top 10 Lists ~ this realization today is my incentive to create a list of my own.

The Top 10 Things I’m Celebrating Today

  1. Tomorrow night’s graduation of the travelers from the 12-week teleclass Mapping Your Journey to Powerful Presence that began January 25.
  2. Starting out on the journey again with a new teleclass of travelers on Monday, April 19.
  3. Transforming this teleclass into an in-person class that takes the learning to an even deeper level in 12 two-hour sessions.
  4. Launching this new version at the offices of The Fedeli Group with a new group of travelers on April 1.
  5. Launching a new LinkedIn Group this week – Maia Beatty’s Discover Your Powerful Presence – just in time for Monday night’s teleclass.
  6. Getting one step closer to the potential of a world-wide conversation about Powerful Presence with this LinkedIn Group.
  7. Having 12 weeks of Monday morning writing dates completed as I write my fourth book, Take the Journey to Powerful Presence.
  8. Having my first youtube videos.
  9. Meeting dozens of AMAZING women because of this work.
  10. Sharing this journey with Chuck Beatty, the love of my life – and with you.

86 days ago, I believed that taking this journey and writing this blog  would change my life.

It definitely has.

Thank you for coming along for the ride ~ I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us from here. It’s clear that it will include the cancer in my family and I know it will include other things that I can’t even imagine yet.

The last 86 days have taught me that anything is possible if you are willing to believe.


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