Day 85 ~ The Journey Continues

The sun rose again this morning despite the news we got yesterday.
The hours passed without my noticing as I went about my regular tasks; I was in the classroom today so the time flew by.
There were a few significant differences though.
This morning as I drove to my client site, the blossoms on the pear trees were particularly resplendent as the sun rose behind them. Each time I looked out the classroom window, I was deeply aware of  the particular color blue of the sky.  At lunch I was warmed to my bones as the sun shone on my face when I went outside to call Chuck from the car. I had an especially sweet moment of delight when the apple slices that I brought to class with me for a snack turned out to be manna from Heaven for my co-instructor and long-time collaborator, Darla.
You think the world will stop when you are facing a crisis like cancer ~ and it doesn’t. No matter how surreal your personal circumstances, the sun rises and sets, the birds fly overhead and the clouds move across the sky.
The difference now is that you pay attention.


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