Day 84 ~ The Moment of Waiting is Gone

Today was the day that I got the call about the final prognosis for my family member.
Now we all are clear about the exact path we are on.
I realized after I hung up the phone that much of my silence in the past week was partially the result of me holding my breath and not moving until the final news was told. Even though I felt like I knew what we were facing, there was still that wiggle room until today. The wiggle room is gone; now I know exactly where we’re headed and it opens me up. I’m in action.
No matter how devastating the news, there is something so energizing about getting it.
It opens up the space for me to look for what I CAN do, instead of what I can’t. It points me to how I can Dance with it (there’s that third Ability, Dance with whatever shows up) and where I can be of service.
Now that the moment of waiting is gone, I realize that it, too, had its gifts. I just didn’t appreciate them until they were past me. I was so focused on getting through the waiting that I never stopped to explore it.
There is more waiting in store for us.
I want to remember this experience so I can breathe earlier next time; I want to remember the gifts and look for them.


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