Day 80 ~ A Different Kind of Journey

Cancer is back in my life again, for the third time.
A member of our family has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and we are beginning our journey through it. The good news is that I’ve been through this before and I have a sense of the terrain. I’m so grateful for the lessons I have learned from those experiences; several of those  important lessons are the foundation of Powerful Presence.
Thank you for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.
The news begs the question of what I will do with it in this blog. For the sake of the privacy of my family, I will not be posting any more of the details here; for the sake of continuing our conversation about the potency of Powerful Presence, I will be sharing my experience on this journey with you.
I’ve been learning that every journey takes on a life of its own, and this one is no different. I’ve already experienced the way the “Providence moves, too” on the journey I began with this blog 80 days ago. Today I was completely blown away by the potential for Guidance and grace when you are open to it.
Let me tell you what I mean.
It’s been my experience that you are never ready to hear that someone you love has cancer. I’ve personally been through it twice; I know I have learned a lot that will help all of us this time ~ and ~ it still takes the wind out of you when you get the news.
So after getting the news yesterday afternoon,  today I knew I needed a personal day.
I’m alone this week while Chuck is working in DC, so this morning I decided to take myself to the best breakfast I could think of (besides his): Beau’s restaurant at the Hilton in Fairlawn. When we first moved here, it was my favorite place to go; as a trainer I was on the road all the time and hotels felt like home for me (I totally understood George Clooney’s character in that movie “Up in the Air”).
So I had a wonderful breakfast and fabulous service as I was reading a favorite book of mine, The Wisdom of The Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman. When I left the restaurant, I just didn’t want to come home. I was wandering down the hall past the reception area looking for a quiet corner to curl up and read my book and I passed an office with a door that had a window.
Through the window I saw a sign on a poster on the wall that read  “The Stephen A. Comunale, Jr Family Cancer Foundation.”
I almost fell down.
Are you kidding me right now??? A Cancer Center in the Hilton Hotel?? I must be losing my mind. So of course I knocked on the door.
Marisa Lamkin met me at the door; in the course of our conversation she told me all about the Foundation. She’s the Associate Director. (You can learn all about them at
Here’s the miracle that happened to me today: being led to that door in a hotel that I have visited for 5 years without ever knowing about it brought me directly to the one place where I can get the support I need for me and my family right now.
It’s called Stewart’s Caring Place right here in Akron. Their mission is to support the emotional needs of the families of cancer patients as well as the patients themselves.
So here’s what I learned without a doubt today: I am guided and protected, blessed and loved. I am not alone. The Universe supports me and those I love; I believe that the Universe supports every one of us.
I know that my family and I will be supported on every step of this journey.
I am not afraid.


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