Day 79 ~ The News Vs Powerful Presence

The news that I’ve been waiting for this week came in today and it was not good.
This next year is going to be filled with all manner of learnings, endings and change for our family. The funny thing is that until we get the last of the details on Tuesday, we don’t know the most significant details of that journey we will take together.
Silence has been helping me to wait for this news all week.
Now that the news is here, the practices of Powerful Presence are buoying me up ~ specifically the belief that “every obstacle brings a gift” and  the ability to “dance with whatever shows up.”
Everything I’ve been writing about is only conjecture until I use it to experience my life in a powerful way despite any negative circumstances. The real test of Powerful Presence is whether it will hold me up and get me through the difficult times.
So far, it’s been a life-boat.


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