Day 78 ~ Early Morning Rising

The house was dark and silent when I got up this morning; the moon was rising above the trees in the backyard.
I ended my day yesterday writing about the pleasure I’m having with silence and I woke up to a world filled with it. If I could have pulled that silence around me like a cloak, I would have.
Both the presence of silence and my intention of peace support me right now as I wait for important news about some people I love.
I’m so grateful to be on this journey as I wait.
Have you ever had to wait for some important news about someone that you love? Reality takes on the quality of your thoughts.
Every element of Powerful Presence helps me to see that everything is perfect right now;  I am precisely where I need to be,  doing precisely what I need to be doing. There is such peace in those thoughts.
I believe that you bring about what you think about; right now I’m thinking about the beauty of silence and the power of peace.


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