Day 77 ~ The FUN Part of Silence

I’m really starting to have some fun with this whole “silence” thing.
At first, being silent was simply the truth about me in the moment; admitting it was just telling that truth without embarrassment.
Then I realized that I had admitted to having nothing to say and it felt good. To make it even more fun, there was no backlash.
Do you have that thing in your head where you know there is another shoe out there somewhere and it is bound to DROP? That’s what I was waiting for – it’s a physical feeling for me. Big surprise: there was no shoe.
So now I actually feel like I’m getting away with something, talking about silence as if it were a real topic…
That’s what makes it so absolutely FUN: it actually is a real topic for me. The more I accept it, the more I appreciate it. The more I appreciate it, the more it shows up. The more it shows up, the more I accept it…for days now it’s been working in circles around me, getting bigger and bigger.
And I’m enjoying it more and more.
There was a time when I couldn’t tolerate silence around me; silence meant that I was an outcast and I was being shunned. If I was being spoken to, even if it was harshly, at least I belonged. I had to have some noise going on in the background to know that I hadn’t been set adrift in the wilderness.
In the last few days I’ve been enjoying the luxuriousness of silence, and I’m doing it in public. There’s something about the warmth and depth of it that simply must be shared.
It makes me wonder what would happen if more people discovered it.


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  1. Nice. I still sometimes regret not doing an eight-day silent retreat that the Jesuits lead. I had the chance as a student, and of course it’s pretty hard to carve out that kind of time later in life. But maybe some day. Meanwhile, there are so very many opportunities for shorter but equally refreshing silences in our lives. If, as the wise coach once said, “the only time I learn anything is when I’m listening, not talking,” silence is an opportunity for so much learning and discernment. Thanks for prompting me to think about this today, Maia.

    • Wonderful, John ~ that was my hope when I started writing about silence. I love what you said about listening; I was teaching that in a class today and it never ceases to hit home. I hope you find pockets of time to enjoy silence in your life more often now.

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