Day 75 ~ Sometimes You Need To Take Two

Being the Romeo for my blog has now become such a part of me that nothing will keep me from showing up here every single evening to end my day with you.
Today I discovered that I have it in me to show up for two days in a row and admit that I have nothing to say.
That in itself is an accomplishment.
Months ago, I might have made up something  just to look good. This journey has taught me that everything is perfect when it’s authentic. And part of being authentic is admitting that you have nothing to say.
Right now there are some things in my life that are only possibilities; the time will come when I will be clear enough about them to share my experiences with you.
Until then, I absolutely love the freedom and grace I have to come to you and admit that I have nothing to say.
It’s  one of the many gifts of this journey.


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