Day 73 ~ Brave New World

Last night’s class changed the world for me.
Now the world includes this journey of successful professional women who are traveling with each other and with me to create even bigger worlds. None of us could accomplish this without each other ~ and the specific women who make up this group could not be a more perfect match.
What a GIFT! What delights and amazes me – AGAIN – is the timing of it.
I’ve been traveling on my personal journey in this blog now for about 10 weeks, along with travelers in my Monday night teleclass. At this point in the class/journey/trip, we have covered the foundation of Powerful Presence with Three Beliefs:

  1. You bring about what you think about

  2. You have what it takes

  3. There is a gift in every obstacle
    We’ve also covered the strategies of  Three Abilities:

  4. Walk your talk with integrity

  5. Relate to others

  6. Dance with whatever shows up
    If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that all of those things I’ve been teaching on Monday nights have showed up in my experiences over the last 10 weeks.
    Now we’re at the point in the journey, the final three weeks of the course, where we put everything into practice wholeheartedly with the Three Actions:

  7. Use what you’ve learned

  8. Share what you’ve learned

  9. Create something new
    The Universe has provided me with ample opportunities this past week to use what I’ve learned; it’s been a very illuminating time!
    Last night I got the opportunity to begin again on a new journey, with a new group of travelers. Here’s my chance to “share what I’ve learned” and all of the lessons of the last 10 weeks are freshly in my mind.  Taking this journey with the women on Monday nights  has taught me even more about the nature of this work.
    So today I see the world as a tapestry of journeys; some beginning, some ending, some right in the middle.
    What’s so compelling about this vision is that each of the travelers is conscious about their journey and powerfully present to their work.
    This is a brave new world.


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