Day 71 ~ An Interesting Development

Deja vu and hindsight are becoming my regular companions these days.
Both of them are becoming such regular companions that I’m compelled to bring them into this blog. Let me tell you what I mean.
In the last week I’ve been having more “negative” experiences than I have had in awhile; each experience has given me a very pointed opportunity to choose my behavior. It’s like time slows down in those moments and I’m getting the mental equivalent of a split screen (like watching sports): I can see what is happening now and I can also see the choices I have. It’s like the post-game show – only it’s happening before I make the choice.
That’s where hindsight and deja vu come in.
Working through the last 10 weeks of this journey with all of the Beliefs, Abilities and Actions at my fingertips is like taking a tour through the experiences that helped me to create this program. Only this time I know exactly where I am.
The choices I’m faced with are choices I’ve faced before – only this time I realize it.
So here’s the interesting development: the more these negative situations pop up, the more calm I’m getting about it. It’s like taking exams. You get all worked up about how you’re going to do on the test, and then you settle in at your desk and let all the stuff you’ve learned do its work. You know the answers; when you just relax, they come right to you…because you’ve seen them before.
As a result of these experiences this week, my perspective is changing.
Instead of bracing myself when something negative hits and I first lose all the air in my lungs , I slow down and breathe. I tell myself that “this is perfect” and I go with it. Within days, something else happens that I can only appreciate –or solve –or handle — because of my recent “negative” experience.
This has happened to me four times in the last 7 days.
So here’s what I make of this: I’m at the part of the journey where it’s time to “use what you’ve learned” and the Universe is providing me with exactly the opportunities to do that.
I realize that I am completely up to the task.


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