Day 70 ~ The Yoga Connection

I discovered yoga in 1976 in San Diego.
The book that opened the doors to yoga for me was Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Plan, which he wrote in 1969. Richard’s claim to fame was breaking down the complicated practice of yoga into manageable bites for a Western audience brand new to this Eastern practice. It’s still considered a classic more than 40 years later.
My dog-eared copy has been in my library for almost as long.
This week I started doing yoga again after being away from it for a number of years. Richard, through his book, was my only teacher; I’ve gone right back to him to pick up where I left off.
The first thing I realized when I started reading the book is the depth of the connection between this practice of yoga and the development of Powerful Presence. Although I’ve said often in this blog that everything I’ve learned over the last 40 years led directly to my developing it, I never realized until today how deep the connection is between what I learned in this book and what I have been practicing and teaching for years.
This book saved my sanity when I was in my early 20’s. I learned how to breathe and how to calm myself when I felt completely out of control. I learned how to focus, how to pay attention and how to be patient. I wasn’t good at any of them at the beginning; with practice, I steadily got better.
Here’s the quote from Day 2 that completely floored me: (The objectives of Hatha Yoga are…) “to awaken a great power that lies dormant in the organism and utilize it for developing one’s own unique, individual potential; that is, to achieve self-realization.”
Those words were the epitome of my farthest expectations  when I first read them; something to yearn for, yet never achieve. As I read them today I can see they were just another seed planted that has born fruit over all this time.
Here’s the connection of yoga to Powerful Presence: little steps over time will result in greater flexibility when you practice it every day. No matter how stiff you feel when you begin, if you will practice slowly and gently every day, you will start to change.
You will gain a strength and power you never imagined.


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  1. Barbara Munderloh March 31, 2010 at 9:14 am

    That’s my girl! Yoga is most definitely a pathway to change for the better. Self discovery and balance are wonderful benefits.

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