Day 7 ~ Showing Up Like Romeo

Julia Cameron says that you have to “show up like Romeo” for your writing. Mary Oliver says something very much like that. These are two women writers who I admire very much and I figure if that’s what they say, then that’s what I’ll do.
They both agree that writing is a relationship – and that you have to be there for it if you want it to work.
I’m getting that.
It’s 10 PM  ~ way past my bedtime. (I’ve just come back from a scrumptious supper with two friends of mine – I was laughing for four hours straight. At 57, am I too old for a posse?) Yet here I am, the Romeo for my writing, because my commitment to it is every day.
Like any successful relationship, there are good days and adequate days. It appears that writing is the same.
I have always liked to look good in public – must be the keynote speaker in me. I have a feeling that my biggest stretch here is letting go of “perfect” for awhile and just being with the writing, even if some days it’s ordinary.
One of the greatest gifts of my 20-year relationship with my husband Chuck is that he takes me exactly as I am, every day. He allows for all the facets of me and takes the gifts with the challenges. Julia & Mary are clearly in relationship with writing the way that Chuck is in relationship with me.
I am writing this blog every day so I can learn what they know.


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