Day 69 ~ More Chances to Dance

This evening I discovered that I sent the wrong handout for tonight’s teleclass.
My first response to the news was to stop breathing.
Remembering that I bring about what I think about, and realizing that I didn’t want to pass out on the phone from lack of air, I took a deep breath and focused my attention back on the class.
What I love the most about the journey of this teleclass is that we are all catalysts for one another’s growth. We’ve been traveling together for 10 weeks; we have the power to affect each other. Knowing this gave me the grace to do what I’m teaching right now and dance with my mistake.
The outcome was that we all danced with each other. We covered tonight’s content in a different way – I think it was even more effective.
The trick was to let go of the idea of “my mistake” and focus on the concept of “I can dance”. Doing that freed all of us to get creative – with ourselves and with each other.
Calvin and Hobbes would be proud!


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