Day 67 ~ Synchronicity

Two days ago,  I wrote about the power of dancing.
It was an amazing experience to realize how much choice I have in every moment; my awareness of this path I’m on was heightened tremendously. It was the most conscious experience of illumination that I have ever had.
Then it got brighter.
Last night after I wrote my blog, I was sending out the handout for next week’s class on Powerful Presence. We’re covering the third Ability:  “Dance with Whatever Shows UP.” It’s one of two that we cover over a two-week period so we can really explore it. As I looked through each of the slides in the handout (it’s in PowerPoint, with a photo and text on each slide), I almost fell out of my chair.
Everything I had done the day before was in those slides.
It was the second biggest jolt of illumination I have ever had. It’s clear to me that what had been conscious for me in teaching others has been unconscious for me in my own life. I have forgotten what I learned and where I learned it until I need it in a class or in a blog or in a book chapter.
The second thing that blew me away was the timing of my experience on Thursday and the timing of sending out that handout for the following week’s class. We are covering the topics a week behind schedule because we took a session to process the impact of our one of our members becoming a widow, delaying that week’s topic until the following week.
What are the odds of that synchronicity?
The experience leaves me with the feeling that this journey to Powerful Presence is taking on a life of its own. Weeks ago, I remember that I wrote “once one is committed, Providence moves too…” What if the lesson here is that this journey is actually a dance between you and – well, Providence? What if it’s true that simply by consciously engaging with your life, you tap into a Divine Synchronicity that transforms everything — and transforms you?
I have never been more confident that this process works than I am at this moment. What a gift! I said I was taking this journey to see what was there for me, and here it is.
This is worth the price of admission.


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