Day 66 ~ My Friends Calvin and Hobbes

I met Calvin and Hobbes in 1987; their impact on me is irreversible.
I met them when my mother-in-law  was dying of lung cancer and my marriage to her son was on the rocks.
She was 56 years old and I was 36. Five years earlier, I had dashed her hopes of lively little Texan grandchildren when my Yankee self married her younger son.
A few months before her diagnosis, she had finally admitted that she loved me; now I was losing her as well as her son. Since she had refused any intervention, she’d been given less than six months to live.
During the first month of Joan’s dying, one of the hospice nurses sent me some clippings from the Corpus Christi Caller Times to help me through this difficult time: Calvin and Hobbes discussing death. There were a series of the black and white daily strips and several full page color Sunday ones. The story line ran for a couple of weeks.
I could not get enough of these two.
In the midst of this heartbreaking experience, Hobbes was there to calm both Calvin and me. I’ll never forget the path I walked through this experience with the two of them holding my hands, Hobbes assuring us both that death is a passage –simply a change —  and nothing to be feared.
Although the last five months of Joan’s life also marked me forever , the events are always tempered by the fact that I went through them with my two new friends.
It was only a matter of time before I learned how to transmogrify ~ and the rest is history.


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