Day 65 ~ The Power of Dancing

Dancing saved me from falling into a tar-pit today.
Not an actual tar-pit ~ this one only exists in my in my imagination when I experience a negative state of mind. Negativity exists as tar for me; it’s every bit as sticky and it burns me every bit as much as real tar would.
As a result of a misunderstanding this morning, I had the choice of landing in that pit or finding a way to mentally dance round it. The experience was every bit as surreal as it sounds ~ and I learned a lot in the process.
Have you been here before?
Something happens that you don’t expect. Because what you desire and what you get are so far apart, you feel a physical sensation that is every bit as real as if someone struck you, or you fell. Because of that physical sensation, it’s very hard to pay attention to anything else.
You get locked into your experience just as strongly as if someone locked you in the cellar when you were a child. That same sense of panic engulfs you; you need every bit of your mental reserves to stay focused so you can escape.
That’s when you really need to know how to dance.
When you give yourself a song to dance to, dancing helps you to shift your breathing so you can move. This morning I chose something very catchy: “Every obstacle brings a gift… cha, cha, cha; dance with whatever shows up.” Keep repeating it over and over until it fills your whole body and makes you lighter than air.
Being lighter than air slows your fall and transforms you from being a body pulled by gravity to a floating dancer who defies it.
Since all of this is happening in your imagination anyway, gravity and physics are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is your ability to choose the outcome you desire and stick with it until it exists.
This morning I learned that I am not defined by my past forays into this pit. This pit will never be my destination again. I am not a faller; I am a dancer who is skilled enough to defy the laws of gravity.

Calvin & his friend Hobbes have nothing on me!


4 Responses to “Day 65 ~ The Power of Dancing”

  1. Right on, Maia. A nice reminder that life is (or should be) far less about the circumstances we encounter and more about how we respond.

    • Maia, I love this. I forgot about Calvin and Hobbes – what a great attitude they have! Life is what you bring about 🙂

      • Hi Nancy! I’m so happy that I could remind you of two of my best teachers. Some of what I learned from them has landed in the Journey to Powerful Presence. (We even covered one of their best strategies last week. Can you guess which one it was?) Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to our next conversation!

    • Thanks John ~ it’s always a delight to see you here!

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