Day 64 ~ What Are You Doing That Takes Your Breath Away?

I have a plaque on the wall in my office that says “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
Today that quote begged this question: what are you doing that takes your breath away?
It occurred to me that you can’t be out of breath for this to happen. You can’t be rushing around multi-tasking or trying to get one more appointment into an already full day. You can’t be  so focused on your work that the sun rises and sets before you get outside to see it.
Where do I come up with these thoughts?
It only happens when I take a break from doing some of the aforementioned behaviors and allow the natural world to come into the clearest focus. It takes my breath away at how simple it can be to be powerfully present.
This afternoon I played hooky from the mountain of tasks that I set for myself and took a walk in the late afternoon sunshine with my darling, my husband Chuck. Our schedules have not been coordinating very much lately and it’s been awhile since we’ve had that chance to do that. The nature of our respective work these last few months has not lent itself to as much personal time as we would both like; today I realized that I miss it more than a fish misses the water.
We went to the Ira Trail just a few miles from our house. Typically we both have our own way of swinging our arms as we walk. Today Chuck held my hand all the way up the trail and all the way back to the car.
Before we left the trail head, we sat on a bench on the boardwalk holding hands and watched the creatures all around us in the beaver pond. There were several Canada geese visiting with their resident tour guide, the once domesticated Embden goose, who we call Bruce. Squawking in the water,  then flying around overhead, were two ducks who were disagreeing about the date they were on that was going badly. Over on the left, near the bank, was  a young turtle sunning herself on a log, lazily thinking of the pleasures of spring.
Water lilies were making their way up to the surface while several trees on the bank were falling to the ground in their own version of a swan song.
Above all of us was the moon rising above the eastern trees while the sun caught a glimpse of her before he faded behind the western ones.
It took my breath away to be in that moment with Chuck. It takes my breath away to remember the sweetness of it now.
What are you doing that takes your breath away?


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