Day 62 ~ Cattywumpus Is No Match For Powerful Presence

The only word that could possibly describe today is “Cattywumpus.”
The word defies any description other than it means just what it looks like; it’s a Texan onomatopoeia. What thrills me at the end of this day is that I’m actually using both  “cattywumpus” and “onomatopoeia”  in this blog before paragraph three.
It’s much later than it should be as I start to write tonight; I’m actually laughing at how challenging much of my day was today and I’m terrifically thankful for this journey to Powerful Presence.
Let’s not talk about the things that were challenging today.
Let’s talk about the beliefs and abilities that helped me to sail through the day and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

I don’t know what I would have done without the three beliefs:

  1. I bring about what I think about

  2. I have what it takes

  3. Every obstacle brings a gift

(especially when my little Mac iBook actually froze up tighter than an icicle on the North Pole,  after I’d spent a solid hour of writing on my book draft…)
I know that a year ago I would have had a total meltdown in frustration when that happened.  I would have had to pick myself up and use these strategies to regroup — and it would have taken awhile.
There’s a bonus of having them at my fingertips every day. As a result of  this journey I’m on, I was able to engage them when I really needed them: in the middle of a meltdown-inducing obstacle.
It was astonishing to me that I remained so calm.
The other thing that helped me today was the ability to “dance with whatever shows up.” If was almost as if the Universe was testing my ability to dance by offering me multiple opportunities to two-step, waltz, use my Middle Eastern Arabesque ~ and salsa.
The ability to dance with whatever shows up was the topic of our class tonight, so it was on my mind all day. How could I teach it tonight if I didn’t use it all day?
That’s where another ability of Powerful Presence helped me today: “walk your talk with integrity.” It made me laugh out loud to think how much today felt like an obstacle course and how calmly I was able to handle whatever showed up.
(Incidentally, the thunder and lightening raging outside my window as I write this don’t faze me in the least.)
This is the point in the journey where things start to gel for my fellow travelers in my teleclass; I find it amazing that the same thing is happening to me.
I’m smiling as I bid this day – and you, dear Reader –  goodnight!

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