Day 61 ~ Another Mountain for That Bear

Last night I discovered WordPress widgets.
It’s not that they haven’t been right there under my nose all along ~ I just couldn’t see them. Because I had no concept of what they were or what they could do for me, they were invisible to me. I was so focused on what I was writing, and why I was writing it, that I missed that little detail of considering how to help more people read it.
My discovery of widgets ~ how they work and how I can use them ~ left me  feeling  delighted.
Just the fact that my brain translated that little widget comment into data that I can use was the biggest thrill. It means that I have been  here long enough to find my way around and to make sense of things that were completely unintelligible to me only a month ago.
It means I’m learning and growing.
It gives me another glimpse into what it must feel like for that infant in the crib to FINALLY roll over at will! I imagine that the next exciting challenge will be to grab the bars of the crib…  then to get strong enough to pull herself over using the bars as leverage. And then: to pull herself UP by those bars to survey her domain.
If she had the words for “I’m the Queen of the Hill”, she would shout them!
That’s exactly how I feel.

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