Day 6 ~ Launching!

What a miraculous day!!
It’s pushing 9 PM right now; looking back, my day was certainly stuffed to the gills with exhilaration.
I awoke at 3:58 AM raring to go; I ate something, exercised, meditated and wrote in my daily gratitude journal. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished before the sun gets up.
(That’s because nobody else is up…)
At 9 AM, I got to the Hudson Library for my first weekly Monday writing date  and got two and a half hours of uninterrupted writing on my book. I outlined the chapters and  wrote my first 1600 words: the Introduction and the first chapter (What is Powerful Presence?)
Of course it’s a first draft and it will all need to be edited – and yet, this morning the words just flowed out of me in a way that I have never experienced. I think it was because of my new writing strategy.
My friend DeLores introduced me to a book called The Wealthy Speaker, by Jane Atkinson, a Canadian coach who works with very successful speakers. In her book she talks about finding a place to write that is not your office and not your home – because there are too many distractions to write well.
Boy was she right!
Having my own private writing room was a luxury I had never had before. So there I was, writing in my private room with my noise-canceling headphones on – because apparently the librarians of my youth, the ones with the really powerful presence and the intimidating mantra of “tsk! no talking” have disappeared with the dinosaurs. My private room in in the Children’s Section of the library and nobody uses “inside voices” anymore…
Still, it was astonishing to me that I could write for 2 hours straight without looking up and have it feel like it was 15 minutes. I’m chalking it up to my room, my iMAC laptop and those headphones with meditative music. I can’t wait to do it again next week!
And it was then just noon.
After attending to some phone calls until about 3, it was time for a nap. (My friend Darla tells me that I am the only person she knows who gets to take a nap when she wants to, so I am very grateful for that!)
Then it was time for the class tonight.
It was amazing – and I am clear that the bar has really been raised for this book. I’m clear after our conversations just how important this message is ~ and how critical it is that I stay on track.
Today was so amazing that I find myself looking for the places where I could waiver…just so I can handle them.
The three beliefs of Powerful Presence have never felt more true to me than they do tonight. My job right now is to pace myself – so I don’t let the flames of my exhilaration  burn me to a crisp before I get halfway down the road.


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