Day 59 ~What Matters At The End Of The Day

The light of the setting sun tonight fills my living room, my kitchen and my three-season room like butter melting on toast.
Its warmth and texture remind me that, at the end of the day, it’s moments of beauty and delight like this that fill up my soul  and feed my Powerful Presence.
It’s not the other things on which I sometimes focus.
It’s not the news, or my disappointments. It’s not the things that I wanted to happen that didn’t, or the things that I didn’t want to happen that did. It’s not my mistakes or shortcomings.
It’s the beauty and peace that surrounds me when I take the time to look.
It’s the sunset and the moonrise. It’s the early spread of the dawn through our trees. It’s the smile on the face of my beloved as he shares another meal with me in the changing light in our kitchen or holds my hand as we walk through our garden on these early spring days.
I want to end every day like I’m ending this one: knowing how much every day is a gift.

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