Day 56 ~ You Don’t Have To Know All The Answers

Have you ever been so busy doing something that you simply couldn’t describe what you were doing to anybody else?
That was me today.
I know it’s more than just getting a new Day Minder; it’s like I have jumped into the deep end of the pool and it’s challenging to talk and swim at the same time.
It was a great day, filled with strategic and inspiring conversations all over town. It’s been a whirlwind of opportunities in a vortex of conversation.
The whirlwind seems to be a part of the journey.
Even though I’m following this process, and I know there is a structure to what I am doing, there’s always that whirlwind of experience. When you’re in it, it can feel like the wind is blowing or the water is deep or you’re up in the air – and the answers you seek don’t  jump out and grab you.
Sometimes you have to give them the chance to season a bit, like an exquisite glass of wine.
I’m thinking that my best opportunity here is to just wait and see what happens next and keep putting one foot in front of the other.
It’s worked for me so far.

2 Responses to “Day 56 ~ You Don’t Have To Know All The Answers”

  1. Boy, do I hear you on this, Maia. You’ve perfectly articulated what many of my days have been like lately. I’m going to steal that phrase “a whirlwind of opportunities in a vortex of conversation,” but be sure to credit you as well. May the rest of your days get only better from here, amigo.

    • That is so funny John! Thanks so much for your comment. It was a walk on the wild side to simply write what I was feeling last night, without trying to dress it up in any way. I’ve been trusting that process every day and your comment was like a great big hug in response to my trust. Thank you – you made my day.

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