Day 54 ~ The Power of EBB

Lately, all my Sundays make me think about about the power of “ebb.”
Yesterday, I ended my day by thinking about that ladder of inspiration that stretches beneath me and above me, far out of my sight. This morning I realized that having the time to contemplate it was only possible because I was in an “ebb” state – I had the presence of mind to wonder about things because my body was at rest. It’s clear to me now that I have only gotten this far because of these Sunday ebb states.
Here in mid-journey, ordinary things are looking very  different to me. It’s like I have crossed some imaginary line in the sand and there is no second guessing or turning back. There is no “before” ~ there is only “now.”
If this was an actual mountain, I would say that the air has gotten really thin all of a sudden and it’s obvious that I have to conserve energy. It’s also obvious that I can’t carry anything with me that won’t get me to the next peak, so I am leaving behind things that, 2 months ago, I thought were important.
I’m using a lot more NOs so I can conserve my YESes; every one of them really matters.
So here’s what I realize that I’m learning:
1. This process really IS a journey;  like any kind of travel, the landscape noticeably changes along the way.
2. It’s best to stop and think through your route before you take it. Being as organized as possible will help you immeasurably, every step of the way. If you don’t start out with this skill, the need for it will become insistent the further you travel.
3. You can never prepare for every situation you will face, so it’s best to take the trip one day at a time for optimal enjoyment. To insure that you have the resilience you need to do that, make sure you have a daily “ebb state.”
The final thing I’ve learned about taking a journey is that Guides will show up, if you are open to them. Mine are leading me, with consummate skill,  straight up the mountain of an organizational strategies overhaul.
The urge for new organizational strategies started out as a whisper on the breeze a few months ago; now it’s become an insistent need that I can no longer ignore.
I believe that I have what it takes to tackle this next peak.

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