Day 51 ~ The Joys of Graduating to the Next Level

Today has been a complete whirlwind, from start to finish.
Every time this has happened to me before, it’s a dead giveaway that something has changed. We are no longer in Kansas anymore – and we haven’t yet made it to Oz .
There’s something about going from a level of mastery that you can celebrate (like we did with the bear and the mountain just 6 days ago) to the next level of your development.
You know it’s happening when all of a sudden you feel like a complete idiot for no apparent reason and you know you are in over your head.
It’s like going from 8th grade (where we were masters of all we surveyed in my old K-8 school) to 9th grade (where we became “freshman” facing a full year to climb back up to some kind of status the following September). Chuck has told me about the joys of completing senior year feeling like the lord of  the world and landing at a small private college in Texas where he had to wear a beanie all freshman year. Ah yes, the joys of graduating to the next level!
That seems to be what’s happening to me right now.
I’ve been so delighted with my progress thus far; now all of a sudden I am all thumbs and feeling completely behind that proverbial 8-ball.
The good news is that this feeling passes. The better news is that this feeling signals growth and development. I’m  no longer inside my comfort zone where everything is familiar; I’m walking on the wild side now.
Thank goodness I got all that rest this week!

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