Day 5 ~ Sunday Night Musings

It’s Sunday night. Class starts tomorrow and that means it’s official: despite these last five days of prep, I really will be on my way to my goal of getting these two books written.
Oddly enough,  I feel just like I used to feel when I was traveling all over “heck and back” as an international keynote speaker and trainer. The time to leave in the morning is fast approaching; there’s that feeling of excitement, mixed in with every other conceivable emotion.
I haven’t done that kind of non-stop traveling since I moved to Ohio  5 years ago and started my work as a coach and teleclass leader. Yet all those emotions become physical now and come right back to me  like I’m “leaving on a jet plane” tomorrow.
Thank goodness I have a system in place to manage all of the details for rolling out Session 1; they’re all handled. So now it’s just a matter of waiting for the time to arrive: 4Pm to email the handouts and 6:45 to get on the bridgeline for the 7PM call.
I’m thrilled to be traveling with these 7 women; I wonder what each of them is feeling tonight.
While they are  starting their mornings, I will be starting mine at the Hudson Library with my MAC laptop, getting my first 3 hours of Monday morning writing time under my belt.
It’s funny – as a trainer and a coach, I have supreme confidence in my abilities to successfully guide anyone through this journey.  As a traveler, though, I have to let down my guard and take it step-by-step. I have to be willing to not know all the answers ahead of time so I can simply explore.
I have to be willing to make the mistakes that everyone makes as they travel someplace new – because it’s only through your mistakes that you learn enough to grow.
So the butterflies in my stomach are about realizing that I’m not kidding. I’m taking this journey in public! And despite the butterflies, I believe with all of my heart that this is a game-changer for all of us.


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